Egypt is the only African country which extends to the Asian continent, through the Sinai Peninsula. Apart from this, main feature of Egypt's landscape is the fertile valley and delta of the River Nile. West of the Nile wide expanses of desert spread out for hundreds of kilometers only to be interrupted by the occasional oasis, such as Bahariya, Farafra and the more remote and ancient Siwa. There is one notable mountain range: Jebel Uweinat, on the border with Libya and Sudan, famous for its prehistoric petroglyphs.

Hiking with guide is possible in different parts of the Western Desert (west of the Nile) and its oases, for instance among the strange and beautiful rock formations of the White Desert and the Crystal Desert near Bahariya oasis.

Also the southern part of Sinai is a rugged and interesting mountain hiking destination. You normally hire a bedouin guide, and camels as pack animals, to lead you across the mountains, deserts and wadi's to remote monasteries such as St.Katherine, or even up Mt. Sinai (2285 m), highest on the Sinai Peninsula.


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