Mount Cameroon

Right in the corner of the Gulf of Guinea, on the West-African Atlantic coast lies Cameroon. Geographically Cameroon has it all: coast, desert, mountains, rain forest, and savanna. The west of the country, bordering on Nigeria, is most forested and mountainous, including the highest Mt. Cameroon (4092 m) near the coast. Mt. Cameroon, or Mongo ma Ndemi as it is known locally, is an active volcano. Further inland is the Adamawa Plateau, a transitional area between forest and more arid landscapes. Vast savannas are found in the north towards Lake Chad. Also in the far north, near the village of Rhumsiki on the border with Nigeria, are the peculiar volcanic Mandara Mountains.

Cameroon has a number of national parks. Korup National Park in the southwest is largely primary forest, and offers a network of trails and basic accommodation. Also located in the southwest corner of Cameroon is Campo Ma'an National Park, which harbours elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees, and a basic ecolodge.




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