I’m Bart, 40, father of two beautiful daughters, friend of Hannelore who has two sons. A modern family you could say 🙂

In my young (er) years I’ve hiked in all the five continents. From the beautiful Tongariro crossing in New Zealand or Mount Kosciuszko in Australia to Chilean volcanic peaks and multi-day treks through the Andes. With my family through the Thai jungle or the Swiss Alps, with friends in amazing Tanzania … all wonderful experiences. Last year I picked up the thread after some years of inactivity (kids :-)) and I walked with my sister the West Highland Way in Scotland. Another trip to remember. Lee trail with brother and sister, Kungsleden or Opal Coast with Hannelore, trips with my children … all great experiences in hopefully a long list of new treks which may still follow.

I also love making home movies and editing, watching football (KVC Westerlo) and walking. Residing in the ‘The Kempen’ I am also blessed with a beautiful environment.

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