For hiking purposes we use the name Palestine for the two geographical areas known as the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Being partly under the control of the Palestinian National Authority, these areas are distinct from Israel.

The West Bank is a landlocked area on the west bank of the River Jordan, with rather dry and rugged hilly terrain. Highest point is Tall Asur (1016 m). There are two long distance hiking trails leading through the Palestinian West Bank: the Nativity Trail and the Abraham's Path.

The Gaza Strip borders on the Mediterranean in the west and Egypt in the south, and is a mostly flat area with some low hills and sand dunes along the coast. Highest point is the hill of Abu Awdah (105 m) in the far souteastern corner. No hiking trails that we know of in Gaza.

When hiking in Palestine, carry lots of drinking water and a hat to protect yourself from the hot sun.



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  • Palestinian Walks - Notes On A Vanishing Landscape
  • Palestinian Walks - Notes on a Vanishing Landscape covers nearly 30 years of turmoil in the Middle East, but from a new and inspired point of view.When Raja Shehadeh first started hill-walking in Palestine in the 1970s he was not aware that he was travelling through a vanishing landscape. The hills would have seemed familiar to Christ - until... Lire la suite
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  • Walking Palestine: 25 Journeys Into the West Bank
  • Walk the plains and hills of Burqin, Jenin and Zebabde; experience the the cool springs of al-Bidaan; explore the tides of empire at charming Sebastia; indulge in Palestinian food, beer and hospitality in Taybeh and Birzeit; wander about in Palestine’s most colourful wadis around Aboud; descend through spectacular wadis towards the lows of the... Lire la suite
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