Squeezed in between Ghana and Benin lies the long and narrow West African country of Togo. North and south of Togo are relatively flat savanna and coastal plains. The centre of Togo is hilly, with a series of ranges lying in a roughly northeast-southwest direction. Highest mountain is Mount Agou (986 m) in the southwest of the country, with a footpath leading to the top. Another mountain to explore on foot is Mount Kloto (960 m), covered in tropical forests, also in the southwest. Further north are the national parks of Fazao-Malfakassa, Kéran and Fosse aux Lions, although hiking trails appear to be non-existent there.

Being a tropical country, the climate is warm year round.




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  • Franstalige reisgids met plaatsbeschrijvingen en praktische informatie, een soort Trotter reisgids. Le Togo est le plus petit état de l'Afrique de l'Ouest; mais on dit de lui que c'est une "" Afrique en miniature "". Il est habité par une mosaïque de peuples appartenant à des souches différentes et ce sont plus de 40 ethnies différentes qui se... Lire la suite
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  • Togo
  • Togo at 1:500,000 from France’s national survey organization, Institut Geographique National, on an index road map with street plans of Lomé and Kara, an administrative map of the country, and a distance table.Topography of the country is shown by contours at 80m intervals with additional relief shading and spot heights, plus colouring and/or... Lire la suite
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