Eritrea is located in the northeast of Africa, bordering on Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and by a long arid stretch of coastline on the Red Sea. The Dahlak Archipelago and some of the Hanish Islands are also part of Eritrea. The mountain range of the Great Rift Valley runs right across the country from north to south. The Eritrean highlands are in the center and south, lowlands and deserts in the west and north. Highest mountain is Emba Soira (3010 m).

A remote area is the Danakil (or Afar or Dallol) Depression at more than 100m below sea level, with vast expanses of desert, volcanoes, (hot) lava, salt plains and lakes, and reputedly the hottest place on earth. Visiting this area is more common from Ethiopia.

Hiking should be possible in Semenawi Bahri National Park and in several forest reserves, and up to monasteries like Debre Sina and Debre Bizen. In some cases special permits are required in advance. It is common to hire a guide locally.




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