République centrafricaine


Central African Republic, Dzanga Sangha National Park

The Central African Republic is a landlocked country right in the middle of Africa. It is relatively flat to hilly savanna, with some desert in the north, some tropical rainforest in the south.

There are a number of national parks, such as Manovo-Gounda-Saint-Floris in the northeast, with the greatest concentrations of hippos in the world. There are also Bamingui-Bangoran in the north; and Dzanga-Sangha in the southwest.



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  • Central African Republic
  • Indexed map with a plan of Bangui and an administrative map of the country. Topography and terrain are indicated by relief shading and spot heights, with forests, savanna, deserts, areas of seasonal inundation, and boundaries of national parks and forest reserves. Road network includes minor roads and tracks and shows location of petrol... Lire la suite
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